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About Us

Clean, Classy, Chic.  DRESS WELL...WORK WELL!
As working girls, we've all had our days when our work stands still because well, our fashion stands still. #9to6life is here to help:

9 to 6 is t-h-e one stop destination for all you fabulous, fruitful, and productive ladies out there. Whether you're at the office, hopping to meetings, or setting up events, we want your work outfit to step seamlessly into your post-work life. That means no more running back and forth between home and the office to change into your going out dress for happy hour, dinner with the girls, or a celebratory night out.

Our collections are always designed with you in mind, and when we partner with other local and international designers, we know we'll have something to fit the style that makes you, YOU.

So keep on that 9 to 6 hustle from Monday to Friday, and make use of those weekday and weekend nights. Because Thursday nights are the new Friday nights, and Friday nights are, well, Friday nights ;)

Follow us on @9to6life to stay in the loop about our newest collection, and for more tips and tricks to creating your own sense of be-you-tiful style tag us with #YourFavourite9to6.

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