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How to Survive Your Lunch Break and be Fabulous at Work

Posted on 28 July 2016


Skeleton Blossom Dress

It’s officially summer, which means more time is going to be spent outdoors in the sun while you’re at work, i.e. lunch breaks and smoke breaks. It’s both a blessing and a curse as you get both your daily dose of Vitamin D, while it can also be challenging to adapt our work wear and our minds and clothes to the weather. So here are a few tips from 9 To 6 on how to survive this summer!


1. Leave the Blazer in the Office

If you aren’t going for a meeting right after lunch, you’re going to want to leave the blazers, cardigans and jackets behind! Firstly, the smell of food and cigarettes clinging to your crisp 9 To 6 outfits isn’t too appealing. And secondly, you wouldn’t want to be bringing out the blazers and all when you want to enjoy all that lovely sunshine! So don’t forget the sunscreen as well, ladies!

2. Don’t Be Afraid to go Sleeveless

There’s nothing wrong with exposing a bit of shoulder and arms during lunchtime! After all, you don’t want to be tied down when you’re eating/smoking, and you’ll also get a fabulous summer tan (the envy of everyone really, in the summer) even if you’re permanently to be found in a window-less office! Shop the latest arrivals on for the cutest sleeveless tops and more!

3. Bring out the Dry Shampoo

If you’re worried about the smell of fried food and fish sticking to your hair, keep a bottle of dry shampoo in the office. It will work miracles at reducing the smell in your hair, while also ensuring your hair looks in tip top condition while you’re working 9 to 6.

4. Keep it Minty Fresh

Having a bottle of mouthwash, breath spray, or a toothbrush in the office can go a long way! It means you can eat whatever you want at work and not have to worry about the aftermath. Plus, it’s great to have around if you’ve skipped breakfast! No more worries when you’re suddenly called up by your boss to do a presentation, phew.

5. A clutch can hold everything

Small bags are easiest to carry about when you’re out and about, be it for lunch or a smoke break. Bring a mini bag and keep it within your workbag when you’re going to work, or simply leave it in a locked drawer at work. Its functionality means it can be used even for after-work activities!

6. Clean hands are happy hands

If you’re a fan of eating with fingers, or if you smoke, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap. Add some hand and nail cream afterwards to get rid of any odours!

7. Summer Dresses are Everything

There are a wide range of lovely white and pastel dresses on 9 To 6, all perfect for both summertime and the workplace. Check those out to keep it simple and casual and you’ll be sure to look good all summer!


By Rachel Tai

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