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How to Improve Relationships at Work and at Home?

Posted on 28 October 2015


In any given day, there are probably a million and one things which annoy me to no end – the cups pilled up in the sink unwashed, the lights left switched on, that person who never fails to repeat the story of her posh uncle who owns a private jet and travels around the world at whim.

One very smart lady, Samantha, discovered an innovative way to improve her relationships both at work and at play, based on the popular movement ‘A Complaint Free World’ started by Will Bowen and advocated by celebs like Oprah.

21 days is the number of days that researchers have found it takes to form a new habit, and what better way to set ourselves a detox challenge that will not just improve who we are to version 10.0, but to also see an improvement in how we engage and communicate with our co-workers and loved ones.

For Samantha, she decided to stop complaining after reading about Will Bowen’s clever complain-free movement.

It was difficult, needless to say. What Samantha did was that at the start of her complaint-free 21 day challenge, she would put a bracelet on one wrist. If she found herself verbalizing a complain to another person, she would have to move the bracelet to the other wrist, and start from Day 1 all over again.

It was so easy for Samantha to complain and gripe in the past, and often when someone starts gossiping or whining, we start a competition to see who has had a worse day, or even life.

But is it healthy to be complaining so excessively? Needless to say, complaining about the minutiae does have a negative impact on our relationships. It increases the levels of stress at work and in the home. We start taking things for granted. We stop practising gratitude. We start being negative, and stop seeing the positives.

So why not try this cool 21 days complain-free detox, and be part of a movement that will shape your work life for the better?

Let’s all quit our bad habit of complaining and be inspired by Samantha. She learned to curb her complaining ways, and also discovered a great opportunity to make life at work and at home a lot less stressful and a lot more pleasant.

This is certainly one detox programme we don’t mind to try out – who can say no to happier days at the office! 


by Rachel Tai 


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