Tips for Claiming Workers Compensation in New Jersey

workers compensation doctor new jerseyWhen you are injured on the job or suffer from work related illness or injury, you are entitled to workers compensation insurance benefits. Here are few tips that can help you claim the benefits that are rightfully yours.

Policies and Procedures

First, you need to report the work related illness or injury immediately to your supervisor or employer. There are certain procedures and policies laid down by workers compensation insurance for reporting the accident and injuries or the work related illness. To make sure you are not denied your claim due to some technical issues, you need to follow these procedures meticulously. Sometimes it can result in a Minimal spine surgery in NJ.

Authorized Workers Compensation Doctor New Jersey

According to the law, only the employer or insurance carrier has the legal right to assign you workers compensation doctor New Jersey for your treatment. Even though, the workers compensation insurance carrier of your employer is going to pay your medical bills, you need to take the treatment from the authorized physician. If you are taking treatment from some other doctor, your claim will be denied even if you prove that your injury or illness is legitimate.

Legal Recourse

Sometimes, the authorized workers compensation doctor New Jersey may prescribe some additional treatment for maximum recovery, and the insurance carrier might decline paying for such treatment. Maximum recovery means no further treatment can improve the patient’s condition, even though the patient might not have recovered fully from the accident. If you are prescribed additional treatment and the carrier does not want to pay, you can seek relief by filing a case in workers compensation court or appeal to the Division of Workers Compensation in New Jersey.

Temporary Disability Benefits

When your injuries are going to keep you away from your work for seven days or more, you can claim temporary disability benefits, which is about 70% of your regular wages. When your condition is diagnosed by workers compensation doctor New Jersey, who thinks you should not be working, make sure the doctor gives you a note to that effect.

If the doctor feels you can resume light duty work, take a written note from the doctor that explains your limitations in detail. You have a right to claim temporary disability benefits for 400 weeks. If the workers compensation doctor New Jersey feels you cannot resume work during this period, but the insurance carrier refuses to pay benefits, you can file a case for reversing such a decision.